Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blazers and Body Types

Finding the right blazer for your shape

Blazers are hot right now but every blazer is not the best fit for every body. Blazers are meant to add balance and structure to an outfit. Therefore if you wear a blazer not fit for your body type, the blazer is not doing it's job. Since i want every reader of Avid Accents to look their best on a daily basis, I'm giving you the dish on blazers and body types.
First it's important to figure out what body type you are. I hate putting myself in a specific category but let's face it.....this is something that rarely changes on a woman. No matter how much you weigh, in most cases your body type stays the same. Of course, plastic surgery can alter things a little but guess what?.....clothes can too......for less money.
Here are 5 common body types
Pear- Broader hips compared to your bust
Hourglass- your bust and hips are the same width plus you have a small waistline
Apple- Heavy at the waist
Ruler- have minimal amounts of curve in your body
Cone- heavier at the shoulders & bust compared to the hips

And here are some blazer suggestions for each body type.

hourglass by avidaccents featuring a double breasted jacket

Pick a blazer and can honestly throw on any blazer and make it work.

Pear by avidaccents featuring a double breasted jacket

Find a cropped blazed with volume on top
or a long slender blazer to minimize your hips

Apple by avidaccents featuring a velvet blazer


find a blazer with a very defined waistline. This will give the illusion of it being your natural waist
nothing with pockets, as they emphasize the midsection

Ruler by avidaccents featuring a leather blazer


look for vintage blazers with volume in the shoulders and pleating around the waistline
find a blazer with piping on the edges or a belt to create the curves for you.
Cone shaped

Cone shaped by avidaccents featuring a velvet blazer
cone shaped

look for blazers with a deep V neckline to elongate the bust
and of course i chose to wear a blazer today

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  1. Love the bright scarf and this post! Whenever I wear blazers my 10-year-old daughter tells me it looks "too work-y." Ha!

  2. cute! this is always a good topic. so many women struggle with finding the right fit for their body type! ummm, I tend to break the rules and wear stuff that isn't so good for my body type, and I always regret it when I see pictures! LOL

  3. Such a great post!!! It's so true, not every blazer fits every body type so it's important to find which one will :) Thanks so much for sharing this!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  4. Great tips. I love a blazer! And suprisingly I don't have that many. Time to shop!

  5. i love blazers. they just pull an outfit together in a way that's so effortless. great post!

  6. I have learned alot already!

  7. But, I love pockets!! Lol, I'm an apple and although I wear what I like, I do try to keep in mind that I need structure. Blazers are the best topper to an outfit.

    That blazer looks great on you, especially with the scarf.

  8. Nice post hun :)

    Stay gorgeous!

  9. def been meaning to do this....a friend of mine asked me to a while back. I'll just link her to your blog now :)


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