Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EASY DIY: Button Earrings

Now i know when you saw the title you may have cringed. I say this because most button jewelry i see is kid/teen approved....not quite what the average twenty something diva is looking for.
Well, today i will show how to make an easy, sophisticated, sleek and cheap pair of button earrings. Perfect for a fashionista of any age.


It's so simple.
16 buttons (any color combo you choose)
20 gauge wire
round jewelry pliers

Step #1
lay out 8 buttons flat and cut 2 strands of wire to that length

Step #2
Take one wire strand and string on the buttons in your desired pattern

Step #3
Take one end of the same wire strand and place it in the diagonal hole of the first button hole you used. Make sure you place the wire in the same hole on each button.

Step #4
Adjust the wire until you have one side longer than the other.

Step #5:
Take the shorter wire and wrap it around the long wire. very tightly to secure the buttons in place. Use your round pliers to finish the wrapping.

Step #6:
Take the single wire and curve it around your round pliers to make an earring hook.

That's it.

Because this is a DIY, you have the choice of making these earrings however you like. add more buttons to make it longer, add a color scheme with more colors. attach some chain to the bottom. It's all up to you.
This is how I rocked them. (a pink and white pair)

my hair is shrunken and wet from the rain!

shirt: Tucker for target// sweater: NYandCompany// bag, shoes: Thrifted// pants: JCPenney

Because i have become so fascinated with these little earrings i chose to create some other designs.

Friday i will debut these in my new shop that's suitable for diyers and non-diyers. 
whether you BUY or DIY (-: hint hint :-)
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