Friday, June 10, 2011

Styling Scraps #2: Shoe Envy

Hey, it's been a while!
warning: my posts will be a little spread out over the next two weeks. I have to teach dance everyday because of an upcoming recital and I've been busy with A2Style Boutique. (so excited!!!) 
I did manage to sneak in a DIY this week and continue pushing on with my Styling Scraps challenge.
Here's the rules:

  • No purchasing new accessories (No hats, scarves, earrings, brooches, necklaces, rings, bracelets, handbags, watches, sunglasses, shoes or belts)  
  • A 1 non-DIY or non-Revamped accessory limit to each outfit this Month.  
  • I must use recycled fabric in some kind of way on my DIY Accessories

When i say this challenge is a challenge....i mean that thang!
I thought I had enough DIY on hand but there hasn't been enough selections so I've had to revamp items alot or go without many accessories.
This outfit is one that turned out great.

wait i had to wear shoes right? and my one purchased item limit is up so they must be today's DIY.
Yep they are DIY and I Looooooove them!
Even found myself peaking down at them all day.
I've been envying all the fabric shoes from Aldo and Boxing Kitten so I chose to save money and DIY me some. 
Since every shoe is different when covering with fabric, I'm just going to lay out some tips on DIYing these instead of a full tutorial.
Tip 1: Find an interesting fabric that can withstand a stain or two. This durable cotton blend worked well and the print....i just love the tribal print.

it's a pillowcase!

Tip 2: I used glue to adhere my fabric onto the leather shoes. I bought a mini pack of Tacky glue ($2.99) and tried several kinds in various parts of the shoe. The best glue was the Clear Gel Tacky Glue
Tip 3: watch your seams. depending on how the shoe is designed, you may have to glue your fabric in sections. plan this before you start and figure out what parts you want seamless, for me it was the wedge heel of the shoe.

I DIYed these shoes last summer...time to switch it up!

Tip 4: have a razor on hand. after everything dries, use the razor to trim all edges and make it seem like the shoe was made this way. I suggest letting the bottom sole show instead of walking on fabric.
Tip 6: Gently Clean the shoe with a barely wet rag when you are totally finished. This will remove any glue that snuck through the fabric.
Tip 5: Spray with some Krylon Matte Finish to give the fabric a protective coating.
I can guarantee you will see these wedges again on this blog and I plan to DIY more shoes with fabric.
I wore this outfit to a birthday celebration surrounded by the color pink and my Project Curve Appeal Team (The Derby Diamonds)
Curvy Girls Rock! 
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