Friday, July 1, 2011

Miss Me? Well I'm Back!

Hey Everyone!
No DIY post today like I anticipated but I did bring a special invite to you.
I'd like to invite everyone to the
A2Style Boutique Preview Party on Facebook.
(You don't need a facebook account to see the party but you do have to LIKE the page to comment on the posts.)
You may know that A2Style is my new online boutique that opens July 4th (just days away).
Some things you'll find at A2Style Boutique:

I'm having a fun little Facebook Preview Party to introduce some items on the site. It will be very engaging and of course there will be Giveaways (you know I love those).

I'll post the giveaway information at the Party but anyone (Facebook user or not) can enter the actual giveaways on
Details on the preview party 
Date: July 3rd
6pm till 8pm (est)
status updates every 10 minutes
Here's a link to the A2Style Boutique Facebook Page
Enter HERE
I hope everyone can make it to the preview. Maybe you'll understand my absence from blogging after checking out the work put into A2Style Boutique.
I'm back on Tuesday with a DIY post.
 A certain necklace has been in my mind for days and I have to make it.
until then I'll be blasting the new Beyonce "4" album at ridiculous levels and getting caught by other drivers singing my heart out.
Please tell me I'm not the only one guilty of that :-)
See you soon....Sunday @ 6pm hopefully!
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Thanks for stopping by
P.S. Happy Friday!

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